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4 Ways to Decorate Dining Room - Step by Step Tutorial

The dining room is the place which is mostly used when the guest arrives. Most of the time we eat on the kitchen table or in the living room while watching TV. It gets sometimes ignored or outdated because we don’t spend much amount on decorating it. The important thing is that you can renovate or update it on a low budget as well.

You should think out of the box while decorating your home and be creative as small things can be used as well which were ignored at the time. You can play with colors in your dining room by drawing things on to the wall or placing the inspiring wallpapers or paintings as well.


Here we are going to guide you step by step about decorating and updating your old dining room.


Dress Up Walls


Dressing up the dining room walls is the basic step to make it more attractive and there is a bundle of options to decorate it. First, you need to decide the color of the walls and if you don’t want to change the existed color then come forward to the next step of decorating it. You can insert the floating shelves on to the wall, they can be made with pieces of woods at home as well or purchase it from the market. If you don’t have any showcase in your dining room, floating shelves are the best options then. You can place the crockery on it along with decoration pieces like the crystal piece, wood piece, blue pottery pieces, candles and much more.




Glasses, cutlery, serving dishes and fancy items from your kitchen can also be used as a decoration. Moreover, you can also insert a writing blackboard on the wall with the fancy frame around it. When there is a party at home, you can write down the menu on the board with the welcome greetings, this will look more creative.


However, a cup of tea and spoon or fork can also be drawn on to the wall or go for the online wall stickers, you will find a number of items for dining room there. If you don’t want to select any of these ideas then simply go with the fancy wall mirror.


Consider Lighting


You have probably watched fancy and expensive lights and chandeliers in dining halls at different places. Purchasing expensive lights might be sometimes going out of the budget, so you don’t need to buy expensive pendants for your dining room. What you need to do is to choose something different and unique and you can also create sometimes extraordinary at home as well which shows the sense of your style.


You need to use one pendant in the center of the table if it is of 4 or 6 people but if it is of 8 or 10 person table then better install three small pendants in a row above the table. Light is the key to create the ambiance just like you want. You can make the ambiance romantic, elegant or antique with the techniques of lighting. However, don’t just rely on table light only but to consider the whole place lighting so no other place would get dark after using one light. LED strips and bulbs can also be used under the floating shelves or in the showcase of the dining room.


Dining Table Accessories

Don’t put too many things on to the dinning just because you have the big table and you put all the unnecessary stuff on it, don’t overcrowd it. Use the matching table runner or it might be of opposite color. A fancy tray can be used and add smaller accessories like a flower pot, metal ball, blue pottery or any other decoration piece. Candles are one of the main objects for dining tables. You can use fancy candle stands and decorate some bottles with string and place them in the center of the table along with scented candles.
While serving, roll the napkins in a different style so it gives the formal look to your dining table. You can also make the chairs cozy by fixing fur on to the chairs and in the center of the table as well.